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Why do so many gay men, and scary right wing people, link to Andrew Sullivan? A number of the scariest religious posters to Jim's site link to him on their blogs. I also see gay men who otherwise don't seem delusional putting links on their pages to him. Ugh.

This is a man that writes a column for the Washington Times, owned by Revered Sun Myung Moon. He shills for the pharmaceutical industry while having them sponsor his web site. He, a gay Catholic ex-pat from Britain, seems to consider everyone who doesn't support Bush a traitor. He also has rather shoddy analytical skills when it comes to America's "enemies". He uses "Islamofascists" -- a horrid neologism -- to refer both to Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, even though the latter is a secular dictator. I suspect Mr. Sullivan can't tell his Arabs apart.

A few useful sites for people as they work on removing Mr. Sullivan from their web sites and their lives:

Smarter Andrew Sullivan



David E's Fablog


There. That's the last time I ever intend to mention him.


You know, for some time now I have been wondering why anyone would still give a rat's ass about what Mr Sullivan has to say - unless they are studying self-delusion. I would be inclined to think that the people with links to him also have links to the Log Cabin Republicans. Or maybe they just don't think there are any contradictionswith cruising men online, railing about declining US values and raking in money for saying absurd things. Or maybe they just don't think.

i used to like reading Sullivan --- but pre-WEBSITE days. There was a period when his writings, even when I disagreed with them, were at least thought-provoking and challenging to my mostly knee-jerk left leanings. But he's just gotten to be so awful - the same old right-wing explanations that we can get anyday of the week on those silly CNN left vs. right "talk" shows. I still value some of his early writings on friendship, and less political topics, but he's just this bad joke of "catholic, but gay, right-wing, but gay" ..... and i DO look at folks' links and think "what the f--K" when i see him listed (but its often next to RuPaul and Whil Wheaton, and I dont understand that, either)

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