I guess Chicago's black people don't know their place?

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There is a news story that Sen. Don Nickles of Oklahoma (no. 2 in the Senate) wants a new vote on the GOP Majority Leader. Look at this quote:

"I am concerned that Senator Lott has been weakened to the point that may jeopardize his ability to enact our agenda and speak to all Americans," Nickles said in a statement. "There are several outstanding senators who are more than capable of effective leadership, and I hope we have an opportunity to choose."

In an ABC interview, he added: "Can he be effective? Can he campaign in places like Chicago? I don't want to squander our ability to get things done. We only have a short window this year."

What's with the Chicago bit? I guess he thinks the GOP has the blacks in Oklahoma and Mississippi under control, but they're not as docile in some of those Yankee cities?


Remember people, Nickles isn't exactly a nice alternative. He was one of the main opponents of Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg:

He said that President's Clinton's appointment of philanthropist James Hormel, who is openly gay, to an ambassador's post in Luxembourg should be denied because Hormel promotes "immoral behavior."

The Bible, according to the Oklahoma Senator's calculations, teaches that homosexual behavior is "a sin" and "if one promotes that behavior…that person shouldn't be a representative of this country."

Here is some information on his voting record.

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LOL...yeah, that Chicago bit got to me, too.

Guess he's talking about anyplace other than South of the Mason Dixon line. Lott is a big problem for them and they would be smart to get rid of him. We can still spend the next two years digging up Lott's past and their tolerance of it for X years, until they were badgered for over a week into submission. That and...we can always look for more in their ranks. I sort of savor this opportunity.

By the way...I don't know why you're not on my blogroll. I thought I'd put you on once before, but apparently I screwed up. I've rectified that today. The first time today it didn't work but the SECOND time...like a charm. You've a great site.


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