Signing away the Constitution

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Having relinquished the power to decide war and peace, the House moves on. They have passed a resolution saying the President can decide when, or if, to attack another country. I consider this abandonment of Congress's right to declare war illegal. Every person voting yes should be impeached.

As the Senate prepares to do the same, we have this ridiculous statement from Daschle:

Across the Capitol, where the Senate was moving toward passage of the same resolution, Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) said Americans will return attention to the economy "once we get this question of Iraq behind us."

How is going to war putting it "behind us"?

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The cowards, er, the Democrats, figure they need to get the "war thing" out of the way so they have 2 weeks to campaign on issues they consider winnable. The Republicans, fearing the usual loss of Congressional seats, know this is the only chance they have to get this through before they lose perhaps the House. They all suck. (and not in the good way, eiher!)

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