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I went to see Andy's show Potty Mouth last night (or is it early this morning). As we waited outside to be let in, there was an adorable little dark-haired kid playing on the sidewalk. When some air-conditioner condensation -- I hope that's what it was -- started pouring off the awning above our heads, he jumped into it and got all wet. He then proceeded to try to embrace all of the gay guys in line. A future performance artist is born!

It was GREAT. I had seen part of it "in process" at Dixon Place, but that was months ago, and I think it has really come together into a fabulous raunchy, moving, hilarious piece of one-man theater. It runs through October 25. Go!

I am still so jet-lagged. I got my second wind around 2am, and went with some of my fellow bloggers/audience members to Lolita. I liked the vibe of the place -- low key (and cute) bartenders, and a crowd that was about half straight and half gay. Not enough places pull that off successfully in NYC, even on the Lower East Side. There were gorgeous photographs of the abandoned buildings at Ellis Island in the back. The even had Brooklyn Weisse on tap!

Do I have to list all of the bloggers that were there and link to them here? I'm tired. The one person I hadn't met before, at least not in "the real world", was Mark. At one point, when Andy talked about gay men with cats, we both groaned simultaneously -- getting a reaction from our performer.

For those that missed it, e.g. Glenn and Sparky, James was sick and didn't make it either. We might go see it on October 18 at 10pm if anyone wants to join us.

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fear the cat....

or fear the blowjob while the cat is in the room...

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