Paris Commune

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This should be fabulous. We went to a preview reception, with a few of the songs and one of the speeches, in someone's loft a few nights ago and it was amazing. It's being presented by The Civilians, who did The Ladies.

Paris Commune is a workshop production of a new piece using the cabaret form and actual songs from the period to stage the 1871 revolution of Paris - the first socialist revolution in Europe. On March 18, 1871, a sudden uprising propels the Commune into power, sending the government fleeing to Versailles. During the brief 73 days of its existence, the Commune attempts to radically restructure society. Everything is brought into question - the rights of women, religion, and even whether or not bakers should be forced to labor at night. There are many different opinions on the merits of the Commune. The army's repression of the Commune remains one of the most ruthless and horrific episodes of modern history.

It's a workshop with only a few performances. Go here to get tickets before they sell out. We're going with Glenn on the 6th.