Art madness

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We went to the White Columns benefit auction on Saturday night. We saw of number of Art World people there, notably Kathy Magnan and, most fabulous of all, Choire.

After a number of glasses of wine, I got into the spirit of the thing, and managed to purchase several items...

  • Janine Gordon - a photograph of an attractive young latino man, titled "Tight Butt"

  • Shawn Green - a postcard plus a book/cd-rom on motorcyclists

  • Aimee Mower - a small painting made from cake decorating gels

  • John F. Simon, Jr. - a work on paper from a computer plotter of a computer chip

  • Frank Webster - a beautiful acrylic on canvas painting

I loved the Nancy Hwang piece, but it went for WAY MORE than I could afford - unlike the Damian Loeb piece that didn't make its reserve ha ha ha.