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Nicole Eisenman, Little Boy Walking Big Dog, 2007, Oil paint and mixed media on wood, 17 × 18.5 inches


I loved this sculpture/painting we saw at Smith-Stewart's show titled She was born to be my unicorn. The curator Amy Kellner describes it as the flipside of the Bob Nickas "cute boy energy" show at Team in 2003, my people were fair and had cum in their hair (but now they're content to spray stars from your boughs). I also really liked the papillon ink and watercolor piece by J Penry, who is in a 3-person show opening Friday at V&A on the Lower East Side.

Sorry for the lack of posting. It's been too hot to think, and I'm working on some new things for ArtCat and ArtCal.

legaleagle by Peter Corrie

peter corrie legaleagle


A new image from Peter Corrie, found in his flickr feed. He was in the show we curated last fall.


LoVid at David Krut


LoVid at David Krut (detail)


Here are another couple of images from the Renee Ricardo-curated show I mentioned yesterday. The works are created by printing out stills of videos produced by visualizing audio information, then cutting them up and making collage/sculpture works.

Doug Morris

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Doug Morris at David Krut


Doug Morris at David Krut


A full image and a detail of a Doug Morris foam and ribbon sculpture from "Homegrown" at David Krut Projects, curated by Renee Riccardo. Good light that day -- these photos were untouched by Photoshop.


I stumbled across this on flickr and liked it.

Patricia Iglesias at Fake Estate

Patricia Iglesias at Fake Estate (detail)

Patricia Iglesias (detail of larger painting)

When you visit the 526 West 26th Street building, drop by the smallest gallery (a former utility closet) in Chelsea, started by curator Julia Trotta, to see what's showing. There is a large painting by Patricia Iglesias up at the moment, and the other shows I've seen there have all been good.

Nancy Shaver at Feature Inc.

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Nancy Shaver at Feature Inc.

Nancy Shaver, installation view

I love this show, with its mix of minimalist sculpture and cash and carry "curiosities" from her store in Hudson, NY called Henry.

Here is an image of her work I saw and wrote about in 2003.

Nancy Shaver

Nancy Shaver
Yellow and Black Horizontals and Red and Green Verticals, 2002
Wooden boxes, plastic blocks, flashe, acrylic and house paint

Donna Huanca at Susan Inglett Gallery

Donna Huanca at Susan Inglett Gallery

Donna Huanca, installation view

I said earlier that I would put up some more photos on flickr of the show. Check them out.

Charles LaBelle, "Driftworks: Marseille" 2004

Charles LaBelle, Driftworks: Marseille (detail), 2004


This artist's work was a new discovery for us at the LMCC Redheard Gallery's show, Imagined Worlds. The artist creates these works, described as "compound photographs" by cutting out pieces from proof sheets to compose a new work. They're hard to photograph, but I hope this detail gives an idea of the piece. Good stuff.

Angela Dufresne at Monya Rowe

Angela Dufresne at Monya Rowe

Angela Dufresne, Kasper Hauser, 2007, oil on canvas, 30 by 45 inches


There are a lot of beautiful film-inspired paintings in Angela Dufresne's latest solo show at Monya Rowe.

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