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bloggy the 8th dwarf


From Speed Bump by Dave Coverly. Thanks to Greg Allen, Tyler Green and Edward Winkleman for the heads up.

Berlin TV tower - lift off

Back in NYC

No, I didn't post more in Spain. With one computer, we would spend too much time in the hotel room if both James and I were blogging/uploading photos.

If you can get to a TV, watch CNBC's Power Lunch today at 1:15. I hear Edward Winkleman will be on!

Note: This is probably the only time bloggy will ever link to CNBC's website.

Update: The video is online now.

5th anniversary




I'm a few days late. On April 21, 2002, I did my first post on bloggy. It's about the art we bought at a White Columns benefit.

Recommended listening while you're celebrating in your own special way: This mix by Adam Smith from ABL Radio of house, etc. from 1986-1993.

John Hodgman's new book as a free download

John Hodgman, photo from captain joy's flickr stream

John "the PC guy" Hodgman's new book, Areas of My Expertise, is now available as a free audiobook at the iTunes store.

[via MacSlash]



I turn 40 today. If you run into me tonight at the openings, wish me a happy entry into middle age!

Light posting

Mom's visiting this week, so posting will be light or non-existant. Flickr photos might appear.

Comments are now moderated

I don't enjoy coming home to the level of discourse I get when my post on Jean Rohe's speech has such a high Google rank. From now on, all comments must be approved. I don't need to hear people calling for violence, or calling her a cunt, on my blog. Get your own damn site if you want to do that.

A Christmas quote

The vision of Mary we've been given sounds like no Jewish woman I've ever known.

-- Bruce Cockburn

Sweet Pea - the home movie

sweet pea video still

I realized this morning that we have one Quicktime video of Sweet Pea from soon after he arrived. It's big, since I don't know how to optimize QT movies, and about 30 seconds long. Yes, the mirror looks a bit smudged. He liked to lick it. You'll hear our voices in the background, trying to encourage him to bob or dance.

Sweet Pea 10MB Quicktime

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