I turn 40 today. If you run into me tonight at the openings, wish me a happy entry into middle age!


There's no possible way you could be 40 - you don't look anything near that.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday! It only gets better and better. Well I guess until you go back to diapers, that probably will be creepy. Enjoy :).

happy birthday. I'm right behind you.

Happy birthday! I'll be there in Aug. Now I know why you have good taste in 80's music.

I did run into you on friday, and neglected to wish you a very happy birthday! welcome to the 40's!

Wow.. June 8th, is my Birthday too!

Happy Birthday!! I turned 39.. Yikes!
You look so much younger than me!!

Hey, Mike. I don't think I look younger than you!

I bet the cake's a little stale but I hope I'm not too late for the spanking.

a happy upcoming 40...

Happy Happy to You, Barry.


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