I have to admit I hadn't heard of this before, but Greg Allen just pointed me to Greencine, the "little guy/gal" alternative to the ever-growing Netflix.

GreenCine carries a select collection of over 10,000 titles, with an accent on indie, art house, classics, foreign, documentary, anime and Asian cinema. You can check out three titles at a time, with no due dates, no late fees...and we pay the postage! Hang on to them as long as you like. Return one...we send you the next one on your list. Only $21.95 a month, flat fee, with a portion of proceeds benefiting film arts organizations.

I suspect the member reviews are more useful to me than those on Netflix, which tends to get plenty of "Why is this film so boring -- no action!" comments on a lot of interesting indie films.

Hmm... What about my 310-disc queue on Netflix?


I wonder if they will be able to survive with all of the talk about Netflix having patients on the method of not have due dates. I believe if I remember right there were some problems with a service that Blockbuster was going to roll out along those same lines.

Yeah, and wal-mart, too. The GreenCine guys are cool, their member boards are usually very smart, and David's weblog is an excellent roundup of dvd/film news.

Since I have a $10/month for life Netflix account, I'm trying hard to be their most unprofitable customer, while flacking for their cooler, threatened competition. But still, a 310-disc queue?

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