Prototype 011 (shaving station)

I’ll post a few photos of other artists in the Hunter College MFA Spring 2011 Thesis Exhibition later, but first I wanted to put up those I took of Joshua Johnson‘s work, as we’ve been following him since 2006. He was a painter back then, but his Hunter MFA show was nearly all sculpture. There are some good detail images of these works and others on his website.

joshua johnson

Prototype 012 (towel bar with pump dispenser)

joshua johnson

Prototype 013 (bathroom mirror)

joshua johnson

detail of Prototype 013 (bathroom mirror)

joshua johnson

Prototype 007 (Picture Frame)

Joshua Johnson


2011-07-04 in art

I’m switching to WordPress for, and keeping the old Movable Type site as an archive. With over 9 years of posts in Movable Type, I’m not going to try to import it all into WP. I’ll leave it up at for posterity.

2011-07-04 in general