Pam Butler at Marie Walsh Sharpe open studios

May 19, 2013

James and I visited Pam Butler’s studio in early May during the Marie Walsh Sharpe open studios. I’m a big fan of her recent installations and paintings. She’s now exploring works related to Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Here is a short statement on the current work: I have of late been thinking a lot […]

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Momenta Art Spring Benefit 2013

April 8, 2013

Please join me and James for the 2013 edition of Moment Art’s art auction and raffle party. It’s always a good party, and we have quite a few artist friends whose work we first discovered via Momenta Art’s benefits and exhibitions. Preview the artworks here. Details: Raffle Drawing + Silent Auction Party Wednesday, May 22, […]

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My segment on Huffington Post Live about Facebook and privacy

February 11, 2013

You can view it here if you can’t see the embed above. The artist Man Bartlett recommended me because of this blog post from 2010 about deleting my Facebook account.

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TPB AFK: The copyright industry is digging a grave for the internet

February 11, 2013

James and I watched this documentary about The Pirate Bay over the weekend. AFK stands for “away from the keyboard”, as opposed to the usual IRL “in real life”. Peter Sunde explains AFK at the trial of The Pirate Bay’s co-founders: “because we think the Internet is real”. Here is a quote by Peter Sunde […]

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Sandy blackout dinner 10/31/2012

November 4, 2012

In the early evening of October 31, with the power having been out for almost 48 hours, James cooked dinner for my mother and me. She was in town to attend the closing of our show at English Kills, and thanks to Hurricane Sandy, got to extend her stay by four days. James wore a […]

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Why I can’t vote for Obama

October 7, 2012

This will not be one of my more eloquent posts. I struggle how to fit all of my thoughts on this subject into one blog post. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but I cannot at this point endorse his record on civil liberties, whistleblowers, and war crimes. It does not matter that Romney […]

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NURTUREart benefit October 28-29, 2012

October 4, 2012

James and I have befriended, and collected the work of, many artists we first discovered via the annual NURTUREart benefits. The next one happens on October 29, with a preview on October 28 if you buy a VIP ticket. Please support this non-profit. I have been consistently impressed by their exhibitions and programs. Note: Benefit […]

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Come see our show!

September 17, 2012

Chris Harding of English Kills Art Gallery has selected 48 works from our art collection, and will be showing them at his gallery in Bushwick, 9/21-10/28. Please join us at the opening, or come see it one weekend while it’s up. The press release: English Kills Art Gallery has installed a few dozen works from […]

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The end of Culture Pundits

January 25, 2012

Just under five years ago, I started working on an ad network for arts and culture sites called Culture Pundits, with ArtCat as the “anchor” site. Soon afterward, Tom Schreiber joined me as a partner in the venture. In that time, we paid quite a bit of money to our member sites. However, the last […]

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Issue Project Room benefit this Saturday 10/1/2011

September 27, 2011

Most people expect James and me to only be interested in the visual arts for some reason, but we’re also fanatics about any “new” art, be it music, theater, dance, etc. Since 2003, one of the places to hear and see new things, especially multi-disciplinary work (why isn’t there more of that?) has been Issue […]

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