TPB AFK: The copyright industry is digging a grave for the internet

James and I watched this documentary about The Pirate Bay over the weekend. AFK stands for “away from the keyboard”, as opposed to the usual IRL “in real life”. Peter Sunde explains AFK at the trial of The Pirate Bay’s co-founders: “because we think the Internet is real”.

Here is a quote by Peter Sunde from the film.

The copyright industry is digging a grave for the internet. They don’t take into account the public benefits of a free internet. The problem is that old people are running the companies. They know how you made money before and they don’t want to change. They’re like the Amish. They don’t want electricity. They know how to make do without electricity.

You can watch the film on YouTube or download it at The Pirate Bay.

2013-02-11 | 4 comments | in general

  • Angela Wyman

    old people? really? isn’t the problem the companies are run by people with entrenched views?– welcome to ageism the new racism

  • bhoggard

    James told me I should post the quote, and he was born in 1940.

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