Sandy blackout dinner 10/31/2012

In the early evening of October 31, with the power having been out for almost 48 hours, James cooked dinner for my mother and me. She was in town to attend the closing of our show at English Kills, and thanks to Hurricane Sandy, got to extend her stay by four days.

James wore a headlamp brought to us by the wonderful Michelle Vaughan, so that we was able to cook using our gas stove and oven, including boiling water for washing dishes. We had gas and running water, but no electricity, from Monday (10/29) at 8:40pm until Friday (11/2) at 6pm.

We ate pan-grilled duck breast, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and pan-grilled plum tomatoes. We drank Argyle Pinot Noir from Oregon and Vineland Estates Pinot Meunier from Ontario.

Our table was lit with an assortment of candles in American candlesticks acquired by James over the decades. The ones pictured below date from about 1680 to 1830.

We were wondering if Mom’s trip would seem dull after her two-week trip with us to Germany earlier in the year, but thanks to Sandy it was an adventure. It was quite odd, having streets a few blocks north of our West 23rd Street building with full power. We ate out a few times, and also made regular runs for ice, batteries, or phone charging. Miraculously, we had to throw out almost none of our food that had been in the refrigerator or freezer, but James is definitely cooking nice meals each night, to make sure nothing is wasted, since the power returned. Mom’s flight out of Newark left on time Friday morning, well before we had electricity again in the apartment.

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