The end of Culture Pundits

Just under five years ago, I started working on an ad network for arts and culture sites called Culture Pundits, with ArtCat as the “anchor” site. Soon afterward, Tom Schreiber joined me as a partner in the venture.

In that time, we paid quite a bit of money to our member sites. However, the last year (especially the last six months) have been pretty tough for us, so we have decided to shut down Culture Pundits to concentrate on other projects — in my case ArtCat’s calendar, hosting products, and the online magazine IDIOM. It’s simply too hard to do a good job if one’s focus is spread too thin, and I’ve decided the time involved in running an ad network of over 20 sites, even with the help of Tom, would be better spent on these other projects.

I have set up an archive site to thank the sponsors we’ve had over the years, as well as a list of the sites in the network as of this month.

Thank you for your support of Culture Pundits and our member sites, and I look forward to bringing you new things on the web in 2012.

P.S. If you would like to support ArtCat and IDIOM, please visit our sponsorship page. You may also make a tax-deductible contribution to IDIOM.

2012-01-25 in general

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