James, PaintersNYC, and me on the future of art blogs

The latest Brooklyn Rail has an article by James Kalm on the future of art criticism, online art communities, etc. with input from me, James, and PaintersNYC. Check it out, and enjoy the horrific photo of us standing in front of some of our collection plus some top-secret web stats.

awesome! and that's a great photo.

Dear Barry and James,
Yeah the photo that was reproduced in the "Brooklyn Rail" hard copy looked smudged and dark. However the color version that's running in the online edition is much better. Blame the printers, thanks James Kalm

Hi, James Kalm. Don't worry about the photo. Neither of us enjoys photos of ourselves, so that's why I said it that way.

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Published on July 17, 2007 6:34 PM.

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