Jeffrey Gibson at Samson Projects (Scope)

Sorry for the less than great photos, but Samson Projects' booth of work by Jeffrey Gibson was one of the best things I saw in a long day Thursday. Jeffrey is in a group show coming up in March at the National Museum of the American Indian in lower Manhattan.

Jeffrey Gibson at Samson Projects

Jeffrey Gibson at Samson Projects


Other Scope highlights:

  • Ryan Humphrey's decor, and Brose Partington's installation (don't step on it!) at the entrance
  • Paul Pagk and Dan Rushton at Moti Hasson
  • Atsuko Ninagawa, who has curated some great shows in NYC, including a recent one at Mehr (Midtown), now has a gallery in Tokyo called TAKEFLOOR and had a booth at Scope. Don't miss the video by Chikara Matsumoto, or the beautifully delicate pen and ink drawings by Dale Berning, accompanied by a soundtrack created by the artist.
  • Sara Nightingale's booth is great fun, including work by Goldmine Shithouse and Andrew Shoultz

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Published on February 24, 2007 1:37 PM.

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