Mike Weiss calls the police on Eric Doeringer


Eric Doeringer, Bootleg "Damien Hirst" Paintings With The Real Thing

You can use the search box on my site, or on James's, to see how often we have written about Eric Doeringer. We are big fans.

On Saturday, Mike Weiss called the police on Eric. James has the story. This is my favorite part:

He packed up his work and confronted Mr. Weiss, who admitted he had called the police. He said that he didn't like "seeing people walking around with tiny paintings," while he was paying high rent for his gallery and, "trying to sell $30,000 paintings."

When Doeringer told him he was certainly going to let everyone he knew in the art world hear about what he had done, Weiss said, "If that's the way you want to play it, I'll call the police whenever I see you anywhere."

I think 24th Street needs more of art like Eric's not less.



Eric has posted his account on his website.

Another Update

The New York Times published an article on the Eric's adventure on Saturday.

What kind of gallerist is this that he relies on selling $30,000 paintings from walk-in business?

I love the way every time this story appears, we get a shot of Eric with a "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" snit on his face. Rock on, Brotha!!!!

Heres a copy of the letter I just sent Mike weiss.

Hi I don't know you, but heard you called the police on Eric Doeringer. If it's true I'd say that seems like a particularly assholeish thing to do. As a painter and someone who struggled for years to get by, I say leave the kid alone! He is trying to make a living, and people (including myself) enjoy what he does, its FUN. I've not been in your gallery but I'm thinking now I need to come visit to see what is so fantastic that your showing that gives you the right to be such a fantastic snob.

Nicole Eisenman

hey hippie, if you were to pay that kinda rent, i'm certain that you'd be upset with peopl e on your door steps. idealism like yours blinds this country.

Hippie? I live in Chelsea, the same neighborhood, and have vendors outside of my apartment building everyday. I would be thrilled if any of them were actually artists.

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