Oops, didn't mean to let my homepage go blank

If you want to see what work we've been seeing lately and liked most, check out the homepage of ArtCal. I haven't had time to work, blog, and see art at the same time, so working and seeing art is winning. I also think this heat makes me less likely to carry around a camera and write things down.

We did see most of Greater New York at PS1 yesterday, but didn't make it through all of it. I think I have to say my favorite room was the one containing Sean Bluechel, Ryan Johnson, Christian Holstad, and Garth Weiser. Of course, the two middle ones were already very familiar to us. The "challenge" of finding Cordy Ryman's work throughout the building was fun too.

One more thing. I thought Dominic McGill's piece in the show was wonderful:


Dominic McGill
Project for a New American Century (detail), 2004
graphite on paper
80 inches x 65 feet

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Published on July 4, 2005 7:40 PM.

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