Good stuff in Williamsburg


Lynn Talbot
Coalesce, 2004
Oil on linen
18 × 18 inches

I apologize for writing about a show that just closed, but it's been hard to stay on the mailing list of Pierogi for some reason. We saw a great group show there, Reconfigure, on Sunday. In addition to great work from some people we own (James Esber and Reed Anderson), we also saw some work by people new to us. I really loved the enamel-esque paintings of Lynn Talbot, and two funny, brilliant paintings by Andrew Moszynski.


Julian LaVerdiere
Continuous Profile (of George W. Bush)
- after Renato Bertelli's 1933 Continuous Profile of Mussolini

Also, don't miss the current show at Jack the Pelican, titled No Apology for Breathing. It's curated by Matthew Lusk, who curated last year's Some Exhaust show at Lehmann Maupin. It's a great political show with an ambitious installation meant to evoke McCarren Park Pool. The pool was a WPA project that has been allowed to deteriorate and is no longer usable. The city was proposing to refurbish it for the Olympics bid. Can't afford to maintain it now, but we might find the money if it's part of the Olympics! Typical.

The continuous profile reminds me a lot of this Tony Cragg work:

Interesting. I have to admit I'm not really familiar with Tony Cragg.

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