Sunday in Williamsburg

Welcome, MTAA-RR readers. I'll see if I can do better given such praise. Bloggy has been rather quiet as I do work for several free-lance clients at once.

My favorite thing from yesterday's humid Williamsburg gallery crawl was the group show at Sarah Bowen, particularly the work of Joyce Pensato and Susan Wanklyn. We have work by both, and know Susan pretty well. We've met Joyce several times, and I am always struck by the reaction of other artists when I mention her -- that she is incredibly generous and kind to fellow artists, and a brilliant artist. The photo below doesn't do her wall pieces at the gallery justice, but here it is to give you some idea:


Joyce Pensato
wall drawing, charcoal on a roughed-up gallery wall

I was told she brought in an electric sander. You can't see it too well in the photo, but there is a pile of charcoal on the floor. I would have put up a photo of Susan's work, but I had trouble getting the colors right. You'll have to go see them yourself.

Other highlights of the day: shows at Dam, Stuhltrager by Mark Andreas and Brian Zimmernam, and the charcoal on paper drawings by Rex Enseki in Black and White's group show.


Updated: James also has a post on Joyce Pensato with several images.

Joyce Pansato rules, I was in a show with her at ExitArt years ago, we all lived there for a few weeks and made art.. Joyce's hands were covered with black enamel paint the entire time and she had these stuffed animals she would draw, they were also covered in enamel paint. I remember a black haze of charcoal dust around her at all times.
She's a trip, I love her work, glad she's got a new wall drawing up.

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