Eric Heist @ Schroeder Romero


Eric Heist
detail Travel Agents (Baghdad), 2005
Pencil on paper
22 3/4 × 29 3/4 inches

While I'm on the subject of artists who can really draw, I should mention Eric Heist's show at Schroeder Romero. I like the fact that Eric's work combines conceptual art, strong political content (whether critiquing our perverse work/materialist culture or our foreign policy), and good drawing and craftsmanship. As a friend said at the opening, it's good to see drawings like the one above from conceptual artists. It's a handy antidote the New Criterion-esque school of "conceptualists and minimalists just don't have enough skills" attitude.

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Published on April 13, 2005 4:28 PM.

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