More on Susan Sontag

The NY Times has an odd obituary, including an entire paragraph of adjectives used to describe her.

I prefer Newsday's coverage, with this obituary and this essay adapted from a speech she gave on April 7.

This post by a blogger I hadn't read before is quite good. I found it via TBOGG.

I just realized something. None of the obituaries talk about her being queer, but she was in a relationship with Annie Leibovitz for a long time.

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Susan Sontag from on December 29, 2004 1:18 AM

Peter Hujar Susan Sontag [1974-1975] Susan Sontag died on Tuesday. Beginning almost twenty years ago I had included her as a part of the homeland I had just adopted and which she had acquired at birth. Because of my... Read More

Interestingly the Daily News, which I was freereading while waiting for falafel, mentioned it.

The print version of the Times mentioned them being together, but not the online version. Odd.

Check out this web page for an article on the exact topic which you have just raised re: Susan Sontag.

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