Queens International 2004

Queens International 2004 opens tomorrow at the Queens Museum, 3-6pm. We plan to be there.

All are invited as the Museum celebrates the opening of Queens International 2004 with an afternoon of music, dance and delectable fare that echoes the unique artistic flavor of Queens. Also, take advantage of the QMA book sale, a chance to purchase great books at a tremendous discount.

The second installment of Queens International attempts to take the pulse of the artistic climate of the nation's most ethnically diverse locale. Featuring 52 artists and two collaboratives, Queens International 2004 presents a dazzling array of work produced by artists working or living in the borough. Established and emerging artists working in a broad spectrum of tradtional and unorthodox media represent a vital artistic community that is evolving on a daily basis.

Check out the list of artists on the web page. There are a number of people that James and I have mentioned before, including Rosemarie Fiore and Shin il Kim.

The exhibition runs through February 6, 2005.

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Published on November 6, 2004 10:29 PM.

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