Echo Eggebrecht at Sixtyseven Gallery

Macro/Micro. Maybe it's my economics degree causing me to use such words, but that was in my thoughts after I left Echo Eggebrecht's smart painting show at Sixtyseven Gallery. It's the first show in their new space on 27th Street since moving from Williamsburg.

The paintings range in size from 18" × 18" to 36" × 48", but I remembered them as quite large. I don't think they reproduce that well in the images on the gallery web site, as there is a high level of detail in them. I had the gallery give me a CD of high quality images so I could provide some details.

The first one is Snake in the Grass (2004) , acrylic on panel, 24" × 36."


You can't easily see the interesting details, like the quality of the grass around the garden hose and the amazing needle-point-like fabrics on the clothes drying rack. Even with detail shots I have trouble getting my point across, but here goes.




I'll just do one more, but go see her show for the real thing. The last day is November 6th.

echo-eggebrecht-stars-and-stripes.jpg Stars and Stripes, 2003, acrylic on panel, 18" × 24"



One last note. I attended the opening of the show, and the gallery had a big stack of press releases with the checklist on back available. Kudos to Ron and Claire. I hate going to openings and having to fight for information!


Updated: I added one more detail image supplied by the gallery.

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When I wrote about her show earlier, I hadn't realized she had a web site. She has more images and... Read More

Oooh, oooh, oooh! I am SO excited to see this show and this post has me even more giddy! I'll be in NYC soon to see it and meet Echo (she's in a group show of mine in January).

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