3 Chelsea group shows

We visited three worthy groups shows in Chelsea at their openings last Thursday. Go see them -- not all art is mindless in the summer!

Capsule has a big group show titled And one for Grandma. It was about 100 degrees inside at the opening, but we saw enough to notice several things, including a wall painting by [can't remember, nothing on the site], the photograph on the invitation by Christine Callahan, and some great drawings by Andrew Guenther. I like his work, especially the fact that there is a big variety of work ranging from sculpture to drawings to installations.

Florence Lynch has a show, minimalpop, curated by Petra Bungert of CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art) Brussels. It includes sculpture by John Beech, whom we finally met at the opening. We have one of his rotating paintings.

My favorite work in the show titled The day after I destroyed the women, I wished I had not destroyed them at Oliver Kamm 5BE (curated by Lital Mehr) doesn't photograph well, so I won't put it up. It's The Birds and The Bees by Aaron Wexler. It's an amazing painting-like work created from cut paper mounted on wood. Go by and see it, and ask to see his other works in the back. Other work includes sculpture and installation by Agata Oleksiak (with dancers wearing some at the opening) and paintings by Tom Meacham. Tom is also in the current group show at Nicole Klagsbrun.

Also, don't forget that White Box has a new show (and opening) beginning each Wednesday, 6-8pm, through September 1.


UPDATED: In the comments, Jeffrey Chiedo from Capsule tells me the wall drawing was by Jen Kim.

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Much madness is divinest sense at Cohan and Leslie, particularly the drawings of Mike Paré and the site specific wall... Read More

The wall painting is by Jen Kim. thank you for your noticing us.


Hey Bloggy,

Thanks for the feedback on my guest appearance on glennaclicious.org. Another great show--even if you have already reported on it--is Coco Fusco's new video on Angela Davis called "a/k/a Mrs. George Gilbert", a wonderful piece on her relationship to the Black Panther movement. It is at 37th W. 57th Street at "The Project". Be well,

This message is for Jeffrey Chiedo:

"I miss you. From your sister"

This doesn't happen to be the same Marybeth Chiedo that attended Southeast Missouri State Univ back in 1992?

I was in the golden eagles band with you.

Hope you've been well.


I remember your Charlie Brown shirt! And of course that you were very nice.
-Mary Beth

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