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Right now, the NY Times home page has no mention of the anti-war demonstration here in NYC (we just got back but it's not finished yet). Instead they have a photo of G.W. Bush at a rally in Florida. The Times doesn't want to acknowledge that such as thing is happening in the city, but it's hard to ignore 100,000 marchers.

There is a small link lower down on the page under another Iraq story about worldwide demonstrations, but if fails to mention the New York one.


Newsday has an AP story, which is where I got the 100,000 number. Also, on the page with the story is a link to a photo gallery.

James now has a photo gallery of his own up.

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in Madison Avenue this afternoon What if they threw a demonstration and everbody came, except the media? Would you be able to get people into the streets next time? Think about it, while you search for coverage of the... Read More

they filed a story on it at 6:48:

it took them a little while, but they got there (and they replaced the photo of george campaigning with a protest photo on the front page)

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Published on March 20, 2004 4:00 PM.

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