On Israel/Palestine, violence, and ethnic cleansing

Go right now and read Anees's post titled For newcomers to this blog. I agree 100% with what he has to say on the issue, and I find it horrifying to see that people think he might support suicide bombers just because he is Palestinian. Frankly, the only violent talk I'm seeing out of people in the blogopshere is coming from the anti-Palestinan/pro-occupation people. Witness this lovely excerpt, courtesy of Letter from Gotham, in which an allegedly college-education person says about Anees:

You fucking Palestinian Arab bastards. Why don’t you fight soldiers? If you fought the Israeli occupation, if you fought soldiers, I'd at least respect you. But you can't, you don't, because you are cowards, contemptible fucking cowards. You are not a man, Anees. You are a whiner. Go fuck off.

How fucking dare you whine and complain when you purposely send your children against Israeli soldiers whom you KNOW are NOT targeting children on purpose. You, on the other hand, send your evil demons into Israeli population centers with the express purpose of killing civilians. Now your guys have gone and slaughtered a busful of ultraorthodox Jews who are probably not even Zionists because...because they were Jews.

And your side just loves to see Jewish blood flow, doesn't it? It doesn't get them anything (except maybe virgins to fuck in that stupid Muslim heaven of yours; Jesus, over a couple of thousand years Islam must really have selected dumbfuck genes, hasn't it, which explains a lot)....

DOESN'T IT???????

I'm not depressed. I am ANGRY.

Fuck you, and fuck your twisted people. A few days ago I got angry because American soldiers beat up an Iraqi, and it reminded me of Israeli torture of Palestinian suspects.

Shit, buddy, if I had the power, I'd do the same to you. I'm not sure I'd stop.

This is the same idiot who says that it is inapproriate to compare the policies of the Israeli government with that of apartheid-era South Africa. I would consider a state that discrimnates based on race and ethnicity, and has chosen the symbol of a specific religion for its flag, is treading dangerously into an area that no post-Enlightment person can support. States based on ethnicity and religion are morally wrong, whether it's Saudi Arabia persecuting non-Muslims, or Israel passing race-based immigration and marriage laws.

I don't think anyone can doubt that the ultimate goal is ethnic cleansing, as evidenced by this report from Steve, our friend in the International Solidarity Movement, on James's site. The latest post, which I have excerpted, is here.

"Preventing a farmer in Jayyous from planting his seedlings carries no benefit for Jews in Jerusalem wishing to return home safely from the Western Wall. What the closure does is make life in Palestine that much more unlivable, Palestinians' access to their land and water that much more tenuous, "voluntary" ethnic cleansing that much closer to reality. That's the real purpose of locking the gates in the Wall.


"Nabil", ISM coordinator from Tulkarm, is in Jayyous
for a visit. He told us a hair-raising story last
night. He was taken from his house and imprisoned at
age 17œ during the waning days of the first Intifada.

He said that the Israeli forces used to target the
top students for arrest. He was only in jail for 21
days, a very short term compared to most of the
Palestinian men I know, but during that time the
guards went from underground cell to underground cell,
opened a hatch in the very heavy metal door, and
dropped in a half kilo of powder with an action like
tear gas, only stronger. (I assume that the Jews
reading this journal have the same horrible
association that I have with this image, even though
the substance in question here is not Zyklon B and is
usually not lethal.) Nabil says that it took about
80 hours for the irritant to dissipate. "Rashid",
head of the Prisoners' Club in Qalqilya, had told us
about the same process in all 3 of the Israeli prisons
he was in. Last week, about 100 prisoners at Ashqelon
Prison were injured while being gassed in their cells,
9 of them critically.


I'm convinced that the goal is not land and water
theft, it's ethnic cleansing. The Israeli government
wants to make the Palestinian communities within 5 or
6 kilometers of the Wall unlivable, forcing the
thousands living there to move deeper into the West
Bank or into another country. Perhaps the plan is
then to repeat this process a little further in, until
the West Bank is virtually Arabrein from the Green
Line to the Jordan River. Sharon's governing
coalition includes parties that support expulsion of
all Palestinians from Palestine; it seems that the
"moderates" have the same plan, but wish to make it
appear voluntary."

Let's also talk about the fact that Israel is now demolishing huge sections of the West Bank and Gaza -- to build a new "security wall". Here is a Reuters photo of what's going on near Tulkarem.


Israeli soldiers watch an Israeli mechanical shovel demolishing Palestinian houses at the village of Nazlat Eisa near the West Bank city of Tulkarem in the area where the Israeli security fence is being built, August 21, 2003. Israel killed Hamas political leader Ismail Abu Shanab in a missile strike on Thursday, two days after a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, and Islamic militant groups called off a seven-week-old old ceasefire. REUTERS/Nir Elias

I see crypto-fascists -- I don't have a problem using that term for people who advocate the persecution of entire groups of people -- like Michele at A Small Victory talking about how the Arabs don't understand the idea of a "cease fire". This image, and the destruction of the market in Nazlat 'Isa -- over 100 shops -- don't resemble much of a cease fire to me. A country that finds the need to own many armored bulldozers is probably up to no good. Israel also continued its policy of targeted assassinations during this period, before the recent Jerusalem bus bombing.

Witness also the comment which appeared on James's site today after he posted on the the idiocy of Bush saying "There's a foreign element that's moving into Iraq.":

hey fuckwad - he meant iranian, syrian, "palestinian", saudi, etc by foreign.

you have a typically disgusting "progressive" site - hope one day you're mistaken for a jew by your terrorists buddies and they crack your skull.

People don't have to wear brown shirts to behave like fascists. I must admit I'm amused by the idea of "progressive" as an epithet. Is this person suggesting we go back to the good old days of non-white and non-Christian people fearing for their lives in significant stretches of America?

Ummm Israel should be demolishing the Palestinian houses because it's been Israel's land for 3300 fuckn years. How the fuck are Israel being accused by idiots like you of occupying a land that's been theres before the religion of Islam even existed. Oh and it doesn't matter that there's shitloads of massive muslim countries in the middle east does it? It doesn't matter that the Jews only want one tiny country for their people? I'm not one of those people that say fuck muslims kill them all blah blah blah but seriously pro Palestinians need to take a good look at what their argument and how dumb it is. Your main argument is that the Jews kicked you out of your land which isn't even true. The Palestinians left cause the muslim countries told them to leave so they could kill the Jews. Israel didn't take the land in 67. Israel was invaded with the intent by egypt and syria of destroying Israel. What the fuck is Israel meant to do. "Ohh i'm sorry you didn't get a chance to kill all our people and we're even sorrier that in defending out people we took some of your land, i mean you were only trying to kill us all, here's your land back" Yeah right.... Why the fuck do Palestinians constantly put shit on Israel for killing Palestinians when PALESTINES WHOLE FUCKN AIM IS TO KILL EVERY JEW. Think hard about what you're gonna say back and if you have the balls to argue with me rather then threatening to kill my mother or rape my girlfriend then email me. And answer my points, don't just give me a load of shit about how Israel is killing innocent Palestinians

I have no idea why idiots use google to find posts from 2003 for commenting.

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