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Yesterday we went to Williamsburg to see a couple of galleries, but we spent most of the time at the Chunkathalon, organized by C.H.U.N.K 666. Don't miss the photos from the 2002 one.

I'll talk about the gallery stuff first. Jack the Pelican has a group show called New Lawn that was my favorite show I've seen there since the opening solo show of Jesse Bercowitz. The best items in the show: the two videos by Susan Ingraham titled "Iguana" and "GOescarGO", both with awesome costume and makeup design by the artist and soundtracks inspired by/lifted from French new-wave films.

The other item of note is the Innerviews project by Karen Schoellkopf in the group show at Momenta.


Back to the Chunkathalon -- an event best described as Knightriders meets that short-lived TV show "Double Rush", plus a bit of Society for Creative Anachronism. I have to say though, that the SCA people at my university where never in this kind of shape. My full gallery of photos is here.

James spent more time on his write-up, photos, and captions, so go check out his entry.

Also, see Tom Moody's report. We finally met each other after he recognized me in the crowd. I was even wearing sunglasses at the time.


The Master of Ceremonies, who started out in a wrestling mask, was dressed very glam. I have one more (adult) story about something I overheard a young man named Zach tell his friends. Those who don't wish to read it should stop reading NOW.


Zach seemed to be from the West Coast group of bikers -- Portland/Seattle. He was telling a story about the competition between the bike messengers and the car drivers at one of the companies where he worked, which would occasionally evolve into actual brawls. One of the "humiliations" of a car messenger he bragged about was teabagging someone, plus some "serious cock and mouth action".

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Published on July 27, 2003 7:39 PM.

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