The (S) Files

I went to the opening of "The (S) Files" at El Museo Del Barrio. They have great opening parties -- and the crowd, to quote Chris, was Hhhhhhhottttt.

It's definitely worth a visit -- one of the best group shows I've seen lately. Favorites: Alejandro Cesarco's film of people playing scrabble, spelling out his influences (from Baudrillard to Leonard Cohen), Chico MacMurtrie's big robotic monkey, and of course Maria Alos's Manhattan project, since James and I were in the group of models:

um, do you ALWAYS pose with your hand in your shorts?

Only when I'm thinking of you, darlin'.

...and if snorkles came out of your heads, you too could live under the sea...

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Published on October 25, 2002 11:51 AM.

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